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The Much Delayed Update

In which the children suddenly grow two years because their dad is so lazy

(Posted June 1, 2007)

Now this is embarassing. It's been over TWO YEARS since I last posted photos. I can't even begin to chronicle the incredible good fortune that continues to befall pilgrims to the Jason/Marissa shrine. I have no good excuses for my tardiness, so I will just try to get straight to the pictures.


LA Trip - April 2006


I got to visit the butterfly museum with Grandpa and Auntie Caroline. I guess Daddy must have spilled some honey on his pants at breakfast!



Marissa gets to ride on Daddy's back a lot because she's the baby.



Ah, that's much better. This feels very natural somehow.


Fun on the Knowledge Beginnings Playground (July 2006)


Here I am playing "the spider and the fly" with Marissa. She's the fly, of course!



Come on, Marissa, you're supposed to look scared! I'm coming to suck out your insides!



Boy, those internal fluids really hit the spot!



It's not easy being green, even if it's just temporary.


Frog Riders! (July 2006)


Marissa doesn't look like she's having much fun, does she..



To quote Charlie Daniels, "Sit right back in that chair right there, and let me show you how it's done!"



Come on Daddy, enough with the pictures. More frog, please.


A Trip to the Aquarium (July 2006)


Marissa gives the term "globetrotting" a whole new meaning.



...Once we lure the enemy into position, we close the trap thusly!



Okay, Marissa can have a turn in the spotlight. But only for a little while.


August and Everything After


I know there's got to be a troll around here somewhere.



That Megan is relentless. I thought I could get away from her up here, but obviously, I was wrong. Those meddling kids--they're always after me Lucky Charms!



Maybe Daddy is right. Maybe we are getting a little old to be riding in a stroller.



Until Daddy buys me my own dolphin, this rock will have to do. Get to work on that, Daddy!



And if you don't come up with that dolphin soon, I'll have to smite you.



Wow, that lemon icy is COLD.



Hey mon, why the hurry? Here on the islands, we can relax anywhere.



Bees are my favorite insect!



Don't worry, Marissa, the bees can't get you from there. Baby.



Sometimes, when Marissa won't stop bugging me, I tell her to go west and seek out her fortune.



The Donner Party did what?



Marissa looks excited to be at Lemos Farm.



Yep, she's ready for the festivities all right.



Me, I prefer the relaxed approach.



Sometimes I don't even bother to show myself.



Marissa, on the other hand, is all about makeup and costume.



Hope you enjoyed the show! And hopefully Daddy doesn't wait another two years to post more pictures.


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