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Jason's First Thanksgiving

(Posted December 9, 2002)

Ah yes, the holiday season. Time for decorations, family, and massive binge eating in the guise of tradition. Jason's first holiday season should be no different, as he continues to tuck away the solid food. While he hasn't been measured since his 6-month birthday (and he's 7 1/2 now), our hopes are high that he'll continue his rapid growth, ably assisted by his grandmother's ministrations.

Jason also received his usual stream of admirers, including Auntie Caroline, Great-Auntie Janie, Great-Auntie Yu, Uncle Paul and Auntie Min, and Auntie Alice. Coming up this month, he heads East to visit his Grandmother and Grandfather, as well as cousin Matthew!


Here I am with Great-Auntie Janie (Grandma's big sister), Great-Auntie Yu (Grandpa's sister-in-law), Mommy, and Grandma. I, of course, and the center of attention!


Great-Auntie Yu's daughters, May and Vivian, aren't old enough to have kids yet, so she gets to play with me instead. That's a pretty good deal, I think!


When he was young, Daddy was Auntie Janie's favorite. Now I'm Great-Auntie Janie's favorite. I can't wait until I'm old enough to get red envelopes!


Auntie Alice is one of Grandma's old friends. She's winning points with me by helping me fly.


Of course, Grandpa came by for a visit as well. Here, he catches me in a quiet moment, after completing the destruction of Tokyo.


Here's my first Thanksgiving picture. Uncle Paul and Auntie Min came over to visit. Uncle Paul is pretty tall, but I'll be that in 15 years or so, I'll be the tallest in the picture!


In this picture, I'm in the saucer that Auntie Janie bought for me. I keep hearing about this Christmas thing. I hope it comes soon, because I just don't have enough toys. Look in that upper left-hand corner--no toys!


Of course, Kobe is my favorite toy.


I just love to pet her ears!


Here I am, all bundled up, getting ready for Palo Alto's Winterfest. You'll get to see pictures next month of me playing with the animals!

This next set of photos were for my entry in the Ivory Baby contest. The outfit is from Uncle Hon, the cuteness is all me!


Okay, so I haven't gotten a modeling contract yet. This should do it.


Okay, if that didn't do it, this definitely will.


Okay, you forced me to do it. Here's the ultra-cute sideways pose again. NOW YOU WILL BOW TO ME!

Jason Yeh, male model

(Posted November 16, 2002)

Well, so much for that promise to post pictures more often. As it turns out, I still haven't been able to get my digital camera to talk with my computer yet. Fortunately, tech support (Grandpa) will be coming for Thanksgiving!

Reviewing last month's update, it seems like I was particularly full of lies last month. Shortly after our last update, we had to trim Jason's flowing locks after they began to get in his eyes. Like George Clooney, however, he looks better than ever. Just as long as he doesn't get the Hubie Brown haircut.

In light of my (inadvertent) dishonesty, I'll make no predictions for the future, and skip straight to this month's photos.


I don't get to see many girls my age, which is why I was so excited to meet Catalina (pictured with her mother, Auntie Cathy, and her grandmother). Then I found out that she's my cousin. Guess I'll just have to stick to older women.


While I've gotten used to carrots and bananas, I'd really like something with a little more kick. Here, I try to charm Grandpa out of his dinner. It didn't work.


Now that Kobe's a free agent, I figured that I'd give Reebok a try too.


Still, if Nike offers me one cent more, these Teutonic togs are history!


Okay gang, listen up. Here's how we're going to pull off the great Enfamil heist...


You're going to pay for this one, Daddy. Do I make fun of your bad hair days?


Here I am with Mommy. She doesn't make fun of me, that's why I'm smiling.


Nor does Grandpa, even if he won't share his dinner.


Playing in my bouncer is my new second-favorite activity. I'm building up my vertical so that I can dunk on Daddy!


My favorite activity, of course, is lounging around with a strategically placed towel.


Here, Daddy dresses up as an Iron Chef for Halloween. Hey, just make sure that I get some of that grilled giant sea eel!

This next set of photos comes from my modeling session. Daddy's sending in the pictures so that I can start earning my keep.

Just make sure that you don't try to pull an Enron on my bank account, Daddy, I'm watching you like a hawk.


Here, Daddy shoots me from above. Does it make my head look big?


Ah, I feel so free without all those confining clothes!


This is what we in the modeling biz call an extreme close-up.


The modeling agencies asked for body shots. Kinda boring, I thought.


This is my ultra-cute sideways pose. I just thought it up. Daddy says I'm a natural.


Yeah, clothes are a pain, but damn I look good in blue!

Jason's 5-Month Birthday

(Posted October 3, 2002)

Yes, it's that time of the month again. No, not *that* (whatever *that* means in your mind), it's time for new photos of Jason.

Hopefully this will be the last time that it takes a whole month to get new pictures up, since I finally decided to invest in a digital camera. I figured that for $35, I could afford a new camera.

Also, congratulations go out to Rak and Manisha, who got married September 21, making them the latest couple to get married after visiting Jason. If this keeps up, we'll have to start charging admission!

In this month's edition, Jason shows off his increasingly long and curly hair. Since we promised Alisha's mom that we'd let her cut Jason's hair for the first time when we visit Orlando in December, expect Jason's hair to reach Fabio-esque proportions!


One of the big changes for me has been the addition of solid food to my diet. In this photo, Mommy tries to persuade me to eat a spoonful of pears.


Sometimes, it takes a little more persuading. Why should I have to eat baby food, when there's a perfectly tasty steak on the table?


For fun, check out my picture in the archive from when I was 1 month old, and see how much bigger I've grown. Boy, I wouldn't be caught dead now in those outdated clothes and hairstyle. Those were *so* five minutes ago.


Like my daddy, I don't mix well with livestock.


Listen, Daddy, you'd better make sure that I get more carrots and less pears, or else!


I don't know what Mommy and Daddy insist on bathing me every day. They don't make Kobe do it!


Still, it does feel nice to be clean. Think I could be a baby model?


Here I am in my new swing. It's nice, but a bucket seat would have been nicer. Maybe I can get Grandpa to make me one!


You say there's a camera? Where?


Oh, there! Make sure that you get my good side!

Special Double Issue: Jason Turns 4 Months Old, Plus Flashbacks

(Posted September 7, 2002)

Since it's been a month since our last edition, the editorial staff (i.e., me) has decided to reward our loyal viewers with a special double issue.

More prosaically, I found an old roll of film that I had forgotten to develop, and finally got around to sending it it. But why let the truth ruin the fun?

In this month's edition, Jason puts on a fashion show and receives a stream of visitors. Plus, you get a special set of flashback photos that date back to Father's Day, when Jason was half as old as he is today.

What do you get when you combine one cute baby with a ton of presents and a free Saturday afternoon? A Jason fashion show!


This little number from Uncle Rick and Auntie Maie is all the rage for summertime.


Today's baby looks casual but collected in this shirt and shorts combo from Uncle Rak and Auntie Manisha.


Going sailing on your private yacht? This three piece combo from Grandma St. John is just the thing!


This striped pullover and jeans combination from Dick and Judy St. John is the perfect outfit for a casual Saturday afternoon in the park.


Turn back the clock with this retro baseball uniform, also courtesy of Dick and Judy St. John.

For his 4-month birthday, Jason received a steady stream of visitors.


Mommy, godmother Janet, and godfather Dave play Bust-a-Move on the Sega. Hey Janet, nice air controller!


I'm glad that Auntie Purnima and Uncle Vivek came to visit me from Boston, but why does he keep calling me "Champ?"


Boy, I must be getting big if Daddy needs Uncle Rock, Uncle Joseph, Uncle Mike, and Uncle Richard to help him push my stroller.


The best birthday present is having Grandma visit!

And now for a flashback. The year is 2002. The Red Sox and Mariners are still in 1st place. And Jason is only 2 months old.


Here I am with Uncle and Auntie Chu. This picture is much clearer than the last one you showed, Daddy!


Here I am with Uncle Dave in my old house. Boy was that crowded!


Uncle Kelso taught me everything I know about Dutch Ovens. I've put that knowledge to good use on Mommy and Daddy!


Here I am sleeping with Mommy. Grandma calls my pose "Royal Sleep." Royal...I like the sound of that.


Hey, don't take picture of me when I'm suffering from shrinkage!


Some people sing in the shower. I prefer to sing after I shower.


Back then, I was only 75th percentile in height!


You know, proportionally, my biceps are much bigger than Daddy's. So is my cranial capacity!


Ho hum, Father's Day. Wake me up when it's Jason' Day!


Special bonus coverage--here's Kobe eating the bagel she stole when Janet's head was turned.


Back at the old place, Kobe spent a lot of time playing with a neighborhood cat. It always disturbed Mommy, who said it was, "unnatural." Here's graphic evidence of those unnatural acts.

Jason's New House

(Posted August 6, 2002)

It's been so busy around here that it's been almost a month since I posted the last set of pictures. Since then, we've moved to a new house, Mommy's gone back to work, and Daddy has learned the joys of bottle-feeding a baby during a 2-hour meeting. Here are some pictures to tide you over until the next batch!


I just love relaxing in my favorite place


I like catching up with Daddy after his weekly basketball game. He needs more practice guarding against my dribbling!


How do you like my Hollywood star impression? Give me $20 million, or I walk (or crawl)!


I like Auntie Jade because she buys me things. There's a lesson in this for the rest of you.


It's about time you got me a bigger house, Daddy!.


The world looks different right-side up.


Hey, come back here with my mobile!


Make sure that you use a herbal conditioner. I want to make sure I have plenty of body in my hair!


Baseball is my favorite sport.


Why do I like it so much? It must be the organ music...or Vin Scully.

Grandma, Auntie Caroline, and Great-Auntie Janie pay a visit

(Posted July 13, 2002)

Wow, it's been a whirlwind couple of days. Thanks to the constant camera work of Jason's Auntie Caroline, we've got a whole set of fresh photos for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!


Watch out, Iverson, I'm coming to pop a cap in your ass!


Oh that wacky Will Ferrell! He cracks me up every time.


Much better than a Barcalounger.


I seek the path to enlightenment. Or at least to my next feeding.


I hate jokes about my being the low man on the totem pole.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away....


Someday, I'll be a Jedi Master like my father....


These aren't the droids you're looking for.


I wonder if Natalie Portman still thinks I'm too young for her?


I'll never go over to the Dark Side! Eat my lightsabre!


Don't tell me that you're leaving!

And now, because you can never get enough of babies and puppies....


Kobe observes the neighborhood from her favorite perch by the window.


Just call her a star of stage and screen.

Jason turns two months old

(Posted July 9, 2002)

It's been a bit longer between postings than I expected, but I'm happy to report that I have gotten a digital camera operational, and you should see more regular pictures from now on.

Jason hasn't been suffering from neglect; he's visited Mommy's office twice, seen his grandparents, his Great-Auntie Janie, and his Auntie Caroline. He's also grown by leaps and bounds, and is well over 13 pounds at this point. All signs are positive for his future basketball career!

Part of the reason for the delay in posting pictures is some good news. We've found a roomy 4-bedroom, 2-bath house in Palo Alto that we'll be renting, starting July 15. Jason's only 2 months old, and he's already going to be moving. Hopefully, though, this will be the last move we make before we buy our house. Now that we're in the Palo Alto school district, we can keep renting as long as we need to.

Finally, for those who are extra eager to receive these updates, I've started a Yahoo! Group mailing list. Sign up, and receive email whenever I update the site:

And now, of course, the pictures:


Uh oh, I hope Uncle Dave brought an extra pair of pants!


Thanks for taking me out to lunch Uncle and Auntie Chu! But how come I had to eat milk when everyone else had dim sum?


I love visitors. Mommy and Daddy are so boring.

Jason turns one month old

(Posted May 23, 2002)

It's hard to believe that it's already been a month since Jason was born. He continues his rapid growth and development, with such milestones as breaking the 8-pound mark, smiling, and uttering his first coo.

Although Jason tends to sleep when visitors are around, rest assured that he continues to be as active as ever during his main waking periods: 9 pm to midnight and 5 am to 7 am. It would sure be nice if he decided to be active during the day instead!

Okay, enough from me. Here's what you really came for: the pictures.


That fresh air sure makes me hungry. Let's see how these fingers taste.


I like grandma and grandpa--they're not nearly so strict.


Now that I'm sleeping with Mommy and Daddy, big sis Kobe has her own bed.


Here's godfather Dave, who's been incredibly helpful (plus he brings me presents!).


Well, there goes my political career.


Boy, being an Internet star sure is tiring! This seems like a good place for a nap.

Now here's some pictures without Jason. They don't really fit in, but they're so cute, I couldn't help myself.


Welcome to the family, Jason!


Kobe expresses her love of visitors.

Jason's first week at home

(Posted May 4, 2002)

Jason has been home from the hospital for a week now, and he's settled nicely into a routine of eating, sleeping, and urinating on his father during diaper changes. All along, Alisha and I have been ably assisted by both sets of Jason's grandparents.

As for the other member of our family, Jason and Kobe are getting along famously. Kobe seems to think of Jason as a junior member of the pack who needs to be protected, and keeps a careful eye on any visitors who want to pick up her little brother.

Here are some pictures from Jason's first week!


Jason and Mom get ready to leave the hospital for the first time!


Jason shows off his fine head of hair


Jason spends some quality time with his grandmother


Jason gears up for a Lakers three-peat!

Happy Birthday, Jason Yeh!

(Posted April 24, 2002)

Thank you for sharing our joy at the arrival of Jason Shen Yeh (6 pounds 11 ounces) at 11:38 AM on Tuesday, April 23.

Alisha and Jason are doing great, though everyone's just a bit tired--including his proud dad. I'll be adding more to this page after he gets home from the hospital.

Our thanks go to all the people who have supported us for the past nine months, including parents, siblings, and friends around the world.

Without further ado, here are the pictures!


Dad and Jason, just 15 minutes after his birth!


Alisha is glad that Jason can do his kicking outside the womb now.


"He looks just like me!," thinks Chris, "but with less hair."


All right, Mr. De Mille, I'm ready for my close-up.

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