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Special Super-duper Picture Extravaganza: Jason's Baptism, Margaux's Visit, Jason's July 4 Trip

(Posted September 14, 2003)

Given the resounding lack of response to my offer to create a paid picture service, I decided to make you wait for this latest batch. Actually, I've just been very busy. Of course, that's no excuse, so I abase myself before you, Jason's loyal fans.

To make up for my Euro-esque attitude towards my work, this month's issue is a true extravaganza, with pictures from three different major events: Jason's baptism, Margaux Kelly's visit, and our July 4th trip to LA.

In other news, Jason fans Kalee and Theron have welcomed Jason's newest fan, Ezra into the world. Congratulations Kalee, Theron, and Jason! Remember, you too can take advantage of Jason's magic powers by visiting (and you can ensure good results by paying his dad a modest fee to make animal sacrifices on your behalf).

Finally, in case you just can't get enough of the Jason Yeh Fan Club's zany and engaging writing style, check our our editorial staff's blog: For the uninitiated, blogs (the term is a contraction of "web log") are the new new thing. While they've been around for years and years, their rise to bubble-like levels of prominence has taken place over the last year or so. There's even an HBS Case Study on blogging!

At any rate, this editor decided to get into the blogging game because it has all the attributes of the 1996-era Web: It's dominated by freaks and weirdos, it's free, and it will no doubt convince hundreds of foolish venture capitalists to invest. I can't wait to sell out to some soulless megacorp!

But enough of this preamble; on to the pictures!:


Jason's Baptism


Grandpa points heavenward...or to my favorite ceiling fan, I'm not sure which.



Hmmm, that corn on the cob looks pretty good.



Maybe just a little taste....



I meant for me to have a taste, Grandpa, not you!



Whew, all that corn plumb tired me out. Time for a powernap!



Grandma likes to sneak in affection when I'm sleeping. That way she doesn't have to pay my usual billing rates.



I enjoy going to the gym and working out. Chicks dig the muscles.



If Auntie Nancy wants to see me when it's naptime, she can darn well come to my room!



Mmmmm, I like yogurt better than baby food. After all, it's more expensive!



Here I am at my baptism in Memorial Church at Stanford, or as I like to call it, my other playroom. Oh yeah, I let some other kids come too.



Hey, no one said anything about getting wet when I signed up!



Baptism successfully accomplished!



Here I am with my godparents and their consorts. I like that word, consorts. It sounds classier than escorts. Uncle Andrew is an especially adept babysitter.



Can we bring my new playroom home?






Grandma and Grandpa came up for the big day.



Okay Grandpa, let's go this way.



Actually, I changed my mind. Let's go thataway!



Auntie Caroline came up for the big day as well.



Boy, all that baptising and walking can be tiring. Wouldn't you agree, Grandpa?



So...tired...must...sleep. Zzzzzzzz.


Margaux's Visit


Margaux and her parents, Uncle Eron and Auntie Kathleen, came for a quick visit. We tried to go for a walk in the park, but Mommy was always there as a chaperone.



Maybe if I refuse to stand on my own, Mommy will give us some privacy....



Free at last! Come on babe, let's blow this two-bit park and paint the town red.



Margaux liked Kobe too, almost as much as me. She has her own dog at home, Denali, though as a Bernese Mountain Dog, he's much bigger than Kobe.



Oh yeah, I think she liked me.



Of course, Margaux's only visited once. Kobe's here every day!



Right now, I'm the smallest member of the Yeh family, but I'm working on it!


The Fourth of July in La-La Land


After driving down on the 2nd, we started off the 3rd by visiting the LA Zoo. It was bright out, so I thought Grandpa should loan me his sunglasses.



Come on, I need to protect my tender retinas!



Grandpa carried me all around the zoo. Here, we watched some tropical birds.



Okay, no sunglasses, but this hat is pretty cool.



Now this is what I mean by "cooling off!"



Daddy always wanted to have a meerkat colony. Maybe we can convince this guy to be the first colonist!



Finally, I get to pet some of the animals. This one smells worse than Kobe though.



All of this being carried around is tiring. I think it's time for another nap.



After seeing the zoo, we paid a visit to the Forest Lawn cemetary where my great-grandparents are buried. These visits always remind me of my own mortality...after all, I may only have 80 or 90 years before my number is up.



I never got to meet my great-grandparents (Grandma's parents), but I bow to them as a sign of respect.



Of course, it is the Fourth of July weekend, and I never pass up an opportunity to wrap myself in the flag.



All of this contemplation is hot work. I need a drink.



No, I don't think I have a drinking problem.



Maybe just a few more sips? Please, I've got to have a drink...I've got the shakes!



After such a busy day, it's important to relax and get ready for bed.



On the 4th of July, I went to a BBQ at Uncle Rick's house. Mmmmm, Santa Maria-style BBQ. And you know it's authentic, since Uncle Rick grew up in Santa Maria.



I can smell it already. Let's head for the grill!



Mommy and Daddy also liked the BBQ, especially Mommy, since she loves to consume the seared flesh of animals.



I wasn't the only baby there; Rick's niece Zoe was present as well. Of course, this is *my* Web page. Zoe Astrid can be the star on her own web page.



Yes, Zoe can have the floor if she wants. I prefer a higher vantage point.



Or how about this one, with Uncle Yahiya. He's pretty excited about the arrival of his grandson, Zane St. John.



Hey, watch what you're doing, Zoe!



Now you did it; my alien protectors are going to abduct you and carry you off in their starcruiser!



The next day, we went to Norms for breakfast. Mmmm, pancakes!



One of the nice things about being in LA is the park near Grandma and Grandpa's house. It's got lots of water, and a couple of ducks!



Hey, let go Grandma, I can swim!



Up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane, no, actually it's a bird after all. Damn seagulls.



I find that the gentle rhythm of the waves inspires deep thoughts.



I wonder what's for dinner? I hope it's shrimp.



I'm not really sure what Grandma's trying to do here, so I'll try to play it cool.



Well whaddya know, we are having shrimp for dinner!



You know, the update isn't complete until we include some gratuitous nudity.



Grandpa and I exchange high 5s in Daddy's old childhood room. Even then, it was a computer center, but a computer center with cool posters of mollusks and crustaceans on the wall.



What better way to finish things off than a bottle of warm milk. Looks like Grandpa is sleepy too!


Jason's Great-grandmother's 90th Birthday Party

(Posted May 25, 2003)

Jason's trip to New Jersey to attend his great-grandmother's 90th birthday actually took place back in mid-April, but I've been to busy to post it until now. Hey, what do you expect for a free service? Though if you are interested in getting these updates sooner, I'd be happy to create a premium subscription service. What do you think, $29.95 per month?

We'll have some more news next week, when Jason's grandparents and aunt come up to visit for his baptism at Stanford's Memorial Church (Sunday, June 1 at 9:30 AM, in case you're interested in attending).

Also, the Jason Yeh fan club would like to congratulate some more of its members on their good fortune. As has been noted many times in the past, Jason seems to generate an aura of good fortune for his visitors. Kalee and Theron visited about 7 months ago. Kalee is now 7 months pregnant. Coincidence? I think not. Congratulations Kalee and Theron!

You may also recall when Vivek and Purnima visited late last year. Back then, they were still stuck in Boston, but I'm please to announce that Vivek has been named an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Matrix Partners in Menlo Park, and that Vivek and Purnima will soon be moving to the Bay Area. Congratulations Vivek and Purnima!

Want to get engaged, married, pregnant, or rich? Come pay Jason a visit! And now, on to the pictures:



Traveling across the country is hard work for a little guy like me. That's why I'm glad that I have a mountain of pillows to rest in afterwards. But why are Mommy and Daddy collapsed on the bed? They shouldn't be tired!


There's nothing that hits the spot for breakfast like a nice bagel. Right Grandpa?


Here are all the Yehs of Daddy's generation. There's Auntie Caroline, whom you've seen before, and Joseph, Stephen, May, and Vivian. Daddy's not in the picture because he's busy taking care of me. Either that or hiding out in the bathroom.


Here's Grandpa with his siblings. Da Bwo Bwo (Big Uncle) is the oldest brother, and Shao Su Su (Little Uncle) is the youngest. In between are Grandpa and Gu Gu (Auntie).


Here's Grandpa with his generation again. Doesn't this picture look like the promotional photo for a reality TV show?


We took a quick break from the family festivities to visit an Easter party. I don't know about this Easter Bunny stuff...couldn't we have an Easter Puppy instead? I miss Kobe, who's home with Uncle Andrew and Auntie Janet.


We're taking a big family portrait. Hey Grandpa, hurry up and get in the picture!


Let's try this again.


I never got to meet my great-grandfather in person, but I'm glad I was able to visit his grave with my Daddy and Grandpa.


I hope that I have this many people around me for my 90th birthday party. That's not too far off, is it?


Happy Birthday Great-grandma Yeh! Don't forget to blow out your candles!


Pretty good lungs for a 90-year-old! Happy Birthday, and see you again soon.


Jason's First Birthday Party

(Posted April 27, 2003)

Yesterday was Jason's first birthday party. Despite the rain earlier this week, the weather gods cooperated, and the day was sunny and mild--perfect weather for a celebration. Here are the pictures of Jason's preparations, and the big day:



Naturally, if I'm going to have a birthday party, I have to make sure that Kobe is nice and clean. That's what my personal assistant (Dad) is for.


I think Kobe enjoys her baths more than I do. Then again, she only has to take a bath every month. Lucky Kobe.


On the other hand, at least I don't have too much fur!


Now that she's clean, Kobe needs to dry off.


When she's clean, Kobe is even more irresistably cute than usual. Here, Daddy sneaks in a cuddle.


All done!


Boy, Kobe sheds a lot, doesn't she?


All clean and heading home.


Uh oh, now it's time for my pre-birthday party bath.


This one's for all the ladies out there.


A bottle, a manicure, yes, I really know how to live.


Don't forget the pedicure, ladies.


A little pampering is just the thing to help me relax before the big day.


It's my party, and I'll eat strawberries if I want to.


Of course, I'm willing to share the wealth with my homeboy Pranoy. I'll be heading to his crib to kick it for his 1st birthday later this year.


Man, these strawberries are good. Thanks Grandma!


Pranoy enjoys a quiet moment with mommy Roopa, daddy Ranjan, and Auntie Terri from Mommy's work.


Okay, enough waiting! I'm getting some cake.


All right, sing if you must.


I think Pranoy agrees with me on the singing.


Can't take a hint, eh? Can someone please stop Uncle Andrew before he sings again!


Not bad, though I think that I prefer strawberries.


I've got dibs on that slice.


I probably can't eat all the cake myself, so I guess I'll share with my guests.


Hey Pranoy, make sure that your mom gives you some of her cake!


Mommy read about an interesting 1st birthday game--the object that I pick predicts what I'll do with my life. Daddy decided to stack the deck by including Uncle Kelso's basketball and football, as well as my Lakers yarmulke.


I nearly gave Daddy a heart attack by reaching for the trumpet. In the end, I grabbed the spatula. I hope that means Iron Chef, and not Fry Boy. Daddy pocketed the C-Note.


Here's daddy with his crew of old cronies. Auntie Maie is working on producing a new playmate for me come August. I need someone to boss around; it's getting boring to dominate Mommy and Daddy.


Hey, that's my swing, Daddy. Don't let me catch you on it again without me.


Here are all the folks who work with Mommy and Uncle Dave, including Auntie Terri, Auntie Karin, and Uncle Mark. Auntie Terri is on my good side for bringing a Barney video for me. Mmmmmmm, purple dinosaur.


It's good to have Grandpa around. He makes me laugh.


Grandma and Grandpa are always happy to see me and each other.


Here I am with the rest of the Yeh family, and Auntie Caroline, who took so many of these pictures. Thanks Auntie Caroline!


This bush could use a trim. I'll just nip off a few stray leaves.


Uncle Puneet got me this cool Gazoobo toy. Let's see if I can put the elephant in the hole.


Look at that hand-eye coordination. I'm sure that my pediatrician will say that I'm "developmentally advanced."


Uncle Richard got me a stuffed Kobe doll. I think Kobe's still a better toy, but this is pretty good too.


Best of all, this Kobe actually lets me touch its eyeballs!


Uncle Rick and Auntie Maie got me an electronic caterpillar. I hope that it tastes better than the real thing!


They also got me a Polo sweater vest, just like the ones Uncle Rick wears. What, no cologne? How am I supposed to style for the ladies?


Ranjan and Roopa have Pranoy, so they know how much I like Elmo. I guess I like purple/maroon things. Maybe I'll dye Kobe purple.


Auntie Sandhya couldn't make it because she was sick, but she sent me an Easter Egg shaker anyways. On the bright side, a visit lasts only a few hours--a present is forever. Come to think of it, I could use some diamonds and other such bling bling.


Mmmmmm, more Elmo. Thanks Auntie Karin and Uncle Mark.


Uncle Dave and Auntie Karen got me a set of musical instruments. Now everything in the house will make noise. Why is Daddy burying his head in his hands?


My great-auntie Janie got me lots of stuff, including this Gymbo. That's good, because I've been keeping Mommy and Daddy from taking me to Gymboree by napping away my Saturday mornings. Hey, I'm just getting ready for life as a humanities major when I go to college. Why is Daddy banging his head against the wall?


Of course, there's few better presents than a bright sunny day on a fresh grass field.


Unless it's a bright sunny day on a fresh grass field with Kobe to play with!


I love the way her face look when I'm scratching her spot!


It's nice to spend time with my grandpa.


The gardeners missed this leaf as well. I'll take care of that!


Say Grandpa, looks like there's something on your cheek. Oh wait, it's me!


Wondertwin powers, activate!


And now for my aria. Eat your heart out, Pavarotti. Oh wait, he already has eaten everything in sight.


Hold on, make sure you get me from my good side.


There we go. I look mahhhhvelous!


Ready or not, here I come!


Nothing like a bottle at the end of an action-packed day! Now that's what I call a happy ending.


Jason's New Office

(Posted April 17, 2003)

It's been a busy month. Not only did we move into a new office in Palo Alto, we also flew out to New Jersey for Jason's great-grandmother's 90th birthday. Next week, Jason will celebrate his 1st birthday. For now, though, I'm pleased to present a montage of Jason at work. To make this a true multimedia experience, I recommend humming "Hi Ho, Hi Ho (It's Off To Work We Go)" while viewing the pictures.



Here I am in my office. The guy in the background is my personal assistant. I make him run all my personal errands, including cleaning up after I relieve myself. The amazing thing is, I don't even have to pay him!


Most of my day is spent working on tough business issues.


Of course, sometimes I have to deal with personnel issues as well. A little yelling on the phone seems to be a good motivational tactic. Darn it, how many times have I told you to get Luvs, not those crappy Huggies!


Oh, the camera crew is here! Better stop yelling and break out the million-dollar smile.


Graphs and charts, graphs and charts. Come on, show me something that's going to make us money!


Nothing like a power nap to boost the energy for an afternoon of kicking ass and taking names.


Here's Hon's office. He's the CEO, so he's in charge. At least that's what I let him think. We all know that I'm the real boss. As with my assistant, I've found that letting people retain the illusion of authority helps keep them in line.


This is Ching, our chairman. He looks pretty busy, so I'll take care of this banana for him....


All right guys, here's my plan for taking this company from the red to being back in black.


No, no, no, that's a terrible plan. Here, let me erase what you just wrote and show you what I've got in mind.


Good meeting, gentlemen. I knew you'd see things my way.


Boy, meetings make me hungry. Let's go to lunch. Hon's buying.


Of course, I never order drinks in restaurants. Why pay extra, when the water back at the office is free?


I'll just pour myself a glass.


Okay, who's the joker who didn't refill the cooler when he was done? Do I have to do everything around here?


As Shakespeare put it in Henry IV part 2, uneasy lies the head that wears a crown. Who knows what competitors lurk out there, just down the road along El Camino....


Jason Starts Walking

(Posted March 5, 2003)

Both Jason and his Daddy have been pretty busy recently; Jason with learning to walk, Daddy with various meetings and boring stuff, so this update is a couple of weeks late in coming out. Nonetheless, I'm sure that you'll agree that it's worth the wait. This month's edition includes more relatives, more new locations, more donuts, and of course, more gratuitous nudity. Enjoy!



Auntie Jean invited the family over for a traditional hotpot feast. This involved dunking various meats and vegetables in a pot of boiling stew. I enjoyed the tofu, chicken, and beef that Mommy and Daddy gave me, but I can't help but think that they should have added some Enfamil to the soup.


Okay, so I fell asleep. When you were 9 months old, I'll bet that you weren't the life of the party after 8 PM either.


Mommy and Daddy still insist on carrying me across the street to the park. I'm ready to walk by myself, thank you.


Here I am with Great-Uncle Ben. Uncle Ben already has several grandchildren, but I'm still the cutest! He started to argue, so I had to pop him good and give him a shiner.


I have to rely on Grandma and Grandpa to take me to San Francisco because Daddy hates the city. Here I am with some of their friends.


See Daddy, the city isn't that crowded. Looks to me like there's plenty of places to park.


Now this is more like it. Here I am at the natural history museum. Come on, Grandpa, step on it!


Hmmm, here's something I've never seen before. I"m not sure I like it--I'm glad Kobe doesn't have a horn like that!


Mommy is afraid of snakes, but I'm not. Adults can be strange sometimes.


Mmmmm. Giant donut. I like Gymboree!


I like my new bathtub! Splish splash, I was takin' a bath....


Maybe if I close my eyes, no one will notice that I'm naked!


Mel Gibson, eat your heart out! Look at how tight my glutes are!


Jason's First Christmas

(Posted January 29, 2003)

Jason had a busy holiday season. Not only did he receive his usual stream of visitors (more on that later), Jason also went on his first trip this Christmas, flying to Orlando to visit his grandparents and his cousin Mathew (Editor's note: Yes, Mathew with one "t" is an accepted variation). As a result, we have a greater than usual number of pictures to share.

In other news, Jason's magical influence continues to brighten the lives of his visitors. Here are just some of the recent developments:

Want to get married? Want to get pregnant? Want to make money at home with no effort? Come visit Jason, and watch the spouses, babies, and checks start rolling in!


Grandma likes to bundle me up whenever the temperature drops below 70. Here, we're getting ready to go out to Palo Alto's Winterfest. I don't know if I want to go--how can it possibly be more exciting than staying home and playing with my snake?


I know Mommy and Daddy say I should get used to spending time around white people, but this is ridiculous!


Wow, more furry things to play with! I'm not sure if the baby goats at the petting corral smell as good as Kobe, though.


Grandpa wants to imitate my fashion sense with his own vest.


He doesn't realize that it takes someone as cute as me to pull it off. Damn, I make *this* look good!


I like to do my Michael Jordan impression for Kobe. She's not amused; after all, she *is* the next Jordan.


Here I am in Orlando with my Nana, my Papa, and my primo (cousin), Mathew. It looks like Mathew and his mom, Andi, are a little shy. Oh well, more spotlight for me!


Never let it be said that I was unwilling to share the spotlight.


I got to meet my great-grandma. I think she liked me, but then again, who doesn't?


Here, we have 4 generations in one picture. I'm still the cutest, though.


Ah, Pride and Prejudice. My favorite bedtime story. All I need is a fortune and a wife.


Nancy and Mark came by for a visit. Mark is in Santa Cruz right now, but I don't hold it against him.


Here are some of the guests at my holiday party. Let's see, who is going to get married or pregnant next (hopefully in that order!)?


I love my big sister, Kobe.


Jason At Work

(Posted January 19, 2003)

Since I've been working hard to help my clients at Musambi design its next-generation product (and to come up with better names for the company), Jason spends most of his weekdays hanging out at their office. He's getting an early jump on learning about laptops, cubicles, and meetings. Of course, Jason has an advantage over most of us when he attends meetings--he's wearing a diaper. Hmmm, sounds like corporate clients are an untapped market for Depends.

At any rate, if you enjoy this update, be sure to thank Mark Kurowski ( for his fine camera work!


I usually don't roll into the office until 9:15, but that still makes me one of the early arrivals.


Daddy takes me into the office because I help him with his work. Here, I'm helping him hit the space bar on his laptop.


Of course, there are times when I need some help too!


Here I am with Uncle Hon. He's always coming by to say hello. I think I'm more fun that dealing with lawyers, don't you?


The office is full of men, which is why I'm always happy when Auntie Jackie stops by. Now if only Daddy can distract Uncle Albert while I make my move....


After a morning of hard work, it's good to relax with a jar of prunes.


Oh, how impolite of me. Are you hungry too? Have a donut!

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