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The Mother of All Updates

Marissa gets baptised, siblings at home, October surprise

(Posted May 1, 2005)

It's been nearly a year since I last posted. I finally realized that I would never live it down if it took me over a year to get new pictures up. In my defense, raising two kids is VERY VERY HARD WORK. It's not like it's causing a hazard that will make you review your whole life insurance plans, but raising kids can be really stressful.

It does seem like the combination of Marissa and Jason is even luckier for their visitors than Jason alone. In the past year alone, various pilgrims to the Yeh shrine have A) Been invited to speak at the Berkshire Hathaway shareholders meeting, B) Had the company they just joined as a VP get acquired for hundreds of millions, or C) gotten married. At last count, we had already received 10 wedding invitations this year. Could a population boom be on the way? When historians look back and talk about the echo boom, remember who really caused it.

At any rate, while I won't foolishly promise any particular posting rate, I will promise to make an effort to get pictures up more quickly. Enjoy the pictures!


Marissa's Baptism


I think I look darned good in white.



I'm not so sure about the veil though. Maybe it'll grow on me when it's time to get married.



Hey Mommy and Daddy, don't try to hog the screen. Remember who's the star of *this* show.



Here I am with my godfather Richard and godmother Mary. I must be bringing them good luck since Uncle Richard has a new girlfriend and Auntie Mary is getting married in October!



Okay, Jason can be in one picture.


Siblings at home


Okay baby sis, it's time for big brother to take back control. Don't forget that this page is jason.html, not marissa.html!



For example, can you do this yet? I didn't think so.



Of course, becoming a big brother does require some serious thought.



For example, should I let her play with any of my stuffed animals?



I guess I didn't like that dog that much anyways.



I also have to share Grandma's attention now.



You gotta admit, she can be pretty darn cute.


October surprise


Huh? What? Time to get up? We babies need a lot of sleep you know. Just not at night.



Maybe I'll just rest a bit before I do anything.



Okay, maybe I can work my way up to a full sit. Maybe.



Nothing like a good nap to make a baby happy!



Hey Daddy, I think it's time to change my diaper!



Which of us has bigger cheeks? Me, or Baby Tad?



Sometimes you have to bite a little to put those toys in their place.



That's all folks, it's time for me to have my bath!


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